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Hitachi Image Based Inspections

Defect Detection.

Hitachi’s AI-driven image-based inspection solutions automate defect detection for Transmission and Distribution (T&D) assets to lower costs, reduce risks and enhance worker safety.

Hitachi’s image-based inspection solutions can automatically detect asset type, classify defects, and identify and assign risk severity.

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Minimize Power Delivery Asset Failures


Reduce Inspection Costs by Up To 55%

The use of drones instead of expensive methods like helicopters can lead to significant cost savings.


Up to 80% time savings over manual image analyses

AI-driven workloads that deliver faster and more accurate results.


Reduction in Downtime Risks

Up to 3% Reduction in Annual System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI).

Image Based Inspections Capabilities

  • Streamlined Data Intake and Workflows

    Automate the processing of tens of thousands of digital images to get critical insights faster.

  • Map-based Visualizations

    Help personnel quickly locate defective power lines and locations, enabling proactive maintenance to prevent failures and downtime.

  • Streamlined Efficiencies

    Automate asset detection and defect assessment and get a complete view of existing and potential threats. 

  • Human-in-the-Loop

    Human-in-the-Loop capabilities for AI model training, supporting a wide range of asset classes and image qualities.

  • Works Anywhere

    Designed for any cloud, hybrid, or on-premises architecture and with any cloud provider.

Automate T&D Line Inspections

Learn how ML-based computer vision can quickly diagnose potential defects.

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Want a Free Image Analysis Trial?

Contact us to submit your T&D asset images, and our AI engine will analyze them for free.
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