cipher I assumes its maiden shape—in form of printed matter. Shedding light on the trailblazing lives of East Asian womxn, the book champions the vagabonds, challenges hegemony and celebrates plural forms of identity. Its DNA: unravelling narratives and terrains; dissecting new psyches; fusing traditions and East Asian modernity; echoing voices of the lesser-known shadowed by Euro-Americentrism.

Contributors include Teresa Eng, Vivian Fu, Jiatu Gu, Mayumi Hosokura, Clara Lee, Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee, Lin Zhipeng (No. 223) Ronan McKenzie, Takuya Nagata, Ryo-ta Saito, Tammy Volpe and Samantha Yap. Selected press include UNSEEN, iGNANT, Dazed, Riposte, i-D and Huffington Post. 

Presented at UNSEEN 2019, the works marked a celebration of East Asian femininity and the ungovernable.Through a series of photographs, the exhibition examines the protocols of visibility, as well as the subsequent trapping of these wayward figures in an exotic-erotic double bind. Rejecting the (dominant) story of his, a history that is premised on the exclusion of those raced and gendered, the viewer is urged to reconsider the act of seeing/being seen.



The book was published in 2017 and was launched the same year in July and September in London and Singapore respectively. A copy of the book can be purchased here.