Mukbang Reading Camp
Winnie Li in association with JALAN BESAR SALON

21 Feb, 8pm SGT/12pm GMT 
14 March, 8pm SGT/12pm GMT

Online reading group, The Bandung Conference and Asia as a Method, 2021, Organised by Jalan Besar Salon and XING.

During the seminal Bandung Conference (Asian–African Conference in Bandung, Indonesia 1955), a future of Asia-Africa alliances was imagined amongst newly independent countries. For Bite the tongue, Jalan Besar Salon proposes to revisit the conference. An online reading camp as a study group held via Zoom will explore the possibilities of contemporary South-to-South alliances. We invite the public to join us in revisiting the speeches by the delegates in the Bandung Conference and the text Asia as a Method by Chen Kuan-Hsing, to explore the challenges and aspirations in this possible collectivity.

First session: The Bandung Conference

21 February, 8pm SGT/12pm GMT
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In 1955, the Asian–African Conference was co-organised by Indonesia, Burma (Myanmar), Pakistan, and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) with a powerful introductory speech delivered by the first President of Indonesia Sukarno. The conference was an important step towards the eventual creation of the Non-Aligned Movement. In this first reading group, we will revisit speeches delivered by representatives of the different states and nations participating in the conference to reflect on the potential of South-to-South alliances then and now.

Second Session: Asia as a Method

14 March, 8pm SGT/12pm GMT
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The topic of decolonisation and opposition to neo-colonialism— the main allegiance in the 1955 Asia-Africa Bandung Conference  we delved into during our first reading group—still resonates today. The second session will delve into the issues, challenges (such as conflicting interest, imbalance of power caused by various access and infrastructures) and nuances to this process of establishing alliances. We will be reading critically into selections of  texts  from Asia as a Method: Toward Deimperialisation by Chen Kuan-Hsing.

Jalan Besar Salon

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The Salon serves to act as a catalyst for the hotbeds of creativity and progressive ideas in the fields of urban management, psychology, intimacy and socio-environmental topics through the means of art, design and philosophy. Against the decline of face-to-face human contact in our digital age, our workshops, programmes and exhibitions aim to provide a platform for people to come together and hone their tastes through passionate conversation and the exchange of ideas.

Winnie Li is trained in Landscape Architecture and her interest lies in craft and design - in particular, the traditional and fast-disappearing crafts of Asia. Winnie has also acted as both a producer and assistant curator in art exhibitions, as well as, artist residencies internationally in Hong Kong, Korea, Poland and Taiwan. Her research interest lies in refuse/exhaust , consumption/digestion, migration and mutation. Winnie currently curates the programme for Jalan Besar Salon, she is also the recent graduate of the MSCP master programme at ADM NTU. She has started to participate in the AAP in substation as a member of the FAR collective in 2020.