Saudade 2
Russell Morton

28 April 2021—22 January 2022

Three channel video installation, Saudade 2, 2021, HD Video, 6 min.

Over three channels, Malayan folklore grazes the screen: jinkli nona dancers disappear and reappear, waters turn red and viscous with the abundance of shrimps, ghosts lurk in the shadows. Narrated in Kristang, the film is an archive of a disappearing micro-language. It is the artist's voice we hear, narrating in Kristang through a text written with the help of his mother, with whom guided him in pronouncing each word.

Russell Morton

Russell Adam Morton is a Singaporean film and visual artist. His short films The Silent Dialogue of All Artworks (2013), The Forest of Copper Columns (2016) and Saudade (2021) explore folkloric myths, esoteric rituals and the conventions of cinema itself. Morton was also the Director of Photography for Ang Song Ming’s Recorder Rewrite, Singapore’s entry to the 58th Venice Biennale in 2019. Saudade was commissioned by the Asian Film Archive for State of Motion, Rushes of Time (2020) and was screened at the 31st Singapore International Film Festival (2020) and Sheffield Doc Fest (2021). His first feature film project, Penumbra, participated at SGIFF South East Asian Film Lab 2020 and is currently in development with POTOCOL Films.