Nameless. echoes, spectres, hisses

Nameless. echoes, spectres, hisses is an online screening investigating the relationships between sound and place. With a focus on Southeast Asia, it featured moving image, sonic and writing practices by artists DIVISI62, Russell Morton, Sriwhana Spong, Pathompon Mont Tesprateep, Sung Tieu and scholar Benjamin Tausig.

Nameless. echoes, spectres, hisses lends an ear to the chimings and utterances of the region—unearthed languages of Kristang; weaponised voices used against Viet Cong soldiers; chants of Bangkok in revolt; resonating rare earth elements; hisses pulled into language; a funeral song devoted to the afterlife.

Reflecting on notions of place through sound allows a geography that is in continuous movement—in turbulence or tranquility. In this shifting plane, Nameless. echoes, spectres, hisses is an exercise in listening and tuning into versions of histories which might otherwise be muffled.

Akin to a melody, the screening develops in time. Running from 29 June—27 July, a work was presented every two days at 12PM BST and remained available until the end of the project.

The screening is co-curated by Jade Barget and Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee for XING, a research platform centered on Southeast Asian art practices. It was supported by A.I. Gallery, a London-based gallery fostering East-West dialogues.


Screening Platform
XING is a research platform centered on the poetics and politics of Southeast and East Asian art practices. Assuming form of a shapeshifter, it morphs between localities and temporalities; with(in)flux. A domain of not-yet possibilities, the platform attempts to dismantle matrices concerned with the region from non-dominant perspectives.


Gallery Partner
Based in London, A.I. is a gallery platform and project space for early career artists; it is committed to encouraging an East-West dialogue. Its gallery office is in Spitalfields (viewing by appointment) & extended exhibition programming will be taking place at Cromwell Place in South Kensington, starting Autumn 2020.

Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee

Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee is an artist, researcher and writer. Her practice is guided by the iterations of slow violence and the dynamic between the ‘near’ and ‘elsewhere’. In attempting to disarm instruments of knowledge production, her practice shies away from reduction and completion. Steering away from essentialisms, she is interested in once-forgotten micro and muted narratives. By revisioning fractured traditions, she engages with visual and textual interventions to navigate the nuances of perception and retention.

Jade Barget

Jade Barget is a cultural worker and researcher currently a graduate student in the Curating Contemporary Art department at the Royal College of Art, London.Her research centres on the embodied relationship between viewer and film, and she holds a specific interest in experimental filmmaking and performative practices. She has written for AQNB, Unseen and Untitled-Folder.