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Flexibility, Simplicity & Scale for Changing Business Demands

from Hitachi

XaaS: Your infrastructure only better. Get the ability to scale as needed, guaranteed SLAs, and pay-as-you-go pricing to align IT costs with your business

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Dynamically scale infrastructure to your needs while improving performance and efficiency. Read Forrester Total Economic Impact™ report to see how businesses are driving value with EverFlex XaaS.

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Cloud Economics and Cloud-Like Experience


Improve your ROI

Typical Return on Investment of organizations using EverFlex*


Reduce your storage costs

Organizations using EverFlex achieved these typical savings in their storage costs.*


Increase your profits

Companies using EverFlex significantly improved their service levels, driving profits over $14M.*

*Findings reported in the Forrester TEI Study: “The Total Economic Impact™ of Managed Services From Hitachi Vantara for XaaS”

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EverFlex: The Hitachi XaaS Portfolio

Storage as a Service
Quickly access infrastructure services by reducing complex procurement and deployment cycles with 99.9999% uptime, ease of deployment, and simplicity of control.
Explore Storage as a Service
Data Protection as a Service
Improve your agility and flexibility with next-generation data protection: the fastest, lowest risk way to achieve consistent data protection service levels.
Learn about Data Protection as a Service
Typical gains in operational efficiency
Infrastructure Services
Hitachi Managed Services provide pay per use private and hybrid cloud for your VMware environments and cloud-native deployments.
Investigate Infrastructure Services

“With Hitachi Vantara’s storage-as-a-service solution, we’re free to grow and scale. We’ll be able to cope with additional customer data in an affordable way, no matter how big the business gets.”

Estimated 50% reduction in storage TCO


Read the Customer Story Read the Customer Story

“CBTS Delivers Agile Services and Boosts Competitive Advantage with EverFlex.”

Bill Ehrman

Senior Manager, Data Storage

Learn About the CBTS Outcomes Learn About the CBTS Outcomes

“Hitachi Vantara provides reliable, large-scale storage-on-demand services with all-flash deployment.”

Manager, Data Storage, BMW Group

Read About BMW Results Read About BMW Results

Resources & Insights

Total Economic Impact of Managed Services from Hitachi for XaaS

Total Economic Impact of Managed Services from Hitachi for XaaS

5 Ways to Flex Your Operations

5 Ways to Flex Your Operations

How We Make It Easy to Switch to EverFlex

How We Make It Easy to Switch to EverFlex

How Customers Like Group HISI Benefit From the Flexibility of EverFlex XaaS

How Customers Like Group HISI Benefit From EverFlex XaaS

Gain confidence from expertly delivered operations and guaranteed outcomes.

Innovate and adapt to change with a cloud-like experience, focusing on outcomes delivered as a Service.

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