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Environmental sustainability

Garanti BBVA

Streamlines Storage Management.

Ultra-resilient platform maximizes bank’s uptime
and simplifies operations to unlock IT efficiency.

Automation Streamlines Storage Management


Report: The State of Data Infrastructure Sustainability

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Results show data center decarbonization is a priority but challenges, misconceptions remain.



Toyota Names Innovation Partner of the Year

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Hitachi Vantara honored among 2,000 suppliers for product/service innovation and efficiency.



State of Arizona Saves Water With Trustworthy Data

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Automated data discovery, with Pentaho Data Catalog, enables critical sustainability efforts.

Deliver customer data faster with a more predictable user experience and guaranteed availability.

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Decarbonizing the Data Center is a Priority but Challenges Remain

Cloud Ops


Data Reliability Engineering can Boost Data Pipelines

Trusted by Global Industry Leaders

State of Arizona’s Department of Water Resources

Driving Sustainability With Trusted Data

Driving Sustainability With Trusted Data

Water resources management is critical in the American southwest. The State of Arizona uses Pentaho Data Catalog to enable automated data discovery and metadata cataloging, to ensure the quality and integrity of their water conservation efforts.

  • 330,000 Water Resources Tracked
  • 6 Trillion Gallons Managed Annually
  • 7 Million Residents Served
  • 330,000 Water Resources Tracked
  • 6 Trillion Gallons Managed Annually
  • 7 Million Residents Served

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